Tuesday, January 13, 2009


The other day I was reading a section in a fashion magazine about skin care for different age groups. As I was reading the section on skin care for women in their 20's I realized that I wasn't in that category any more! I got bumped up! I'm now officially in the 30+ category.

In honor of turning 30 I'd like to list 30 things that I did or that happened on my birthday:

1. Woke up at 6:30 and attended a Cosmetology conference all day.
2. Ate a delicious mushroom burger at lunch with Jeremy.
3. Listened to an old lady yell at her husband at the restaurant. She kept yelling, "no more beer!"
4. Got The Office season 4 from Jeremy.
5. Had my mom sing me a song on my voice mail.
6. Had my dad sing me a song on my voice mail.
7. Went to dinner with my parents at Mimi's Cafe.
8. Ate a homemade cinnamon roll from Christina.
9. Drank some Dr. Pepper.
10. Pulled the "it's my birthday" card.
11. Got a really unique bread bowl from my parents.
12. Figured out how to work a GPS.
13. Watched an episode of The Office with Jeremy.
14. Laughed a ton!
15. Watched a lady drive down 6th South the wrong direction on a one way street!
16. Went through a whole small bottle of hand sanitizer.
17. Watched the history channel.
18. Made fun of Christina.
19. Had Christina make fun of me.
20. Listened to two women fight about state cosmetology laws...interesting.
21. Got calls from MOST of my family and friends.
22. Talked about sex and saran wrap with my boss...she's was talking, I was listening.
23. Shared my iPod with Jeremy for a few minutes.
24. Made more fun of Christina.
25. Talked to Jeremy on the way home.
26. Drank some more Dr. Pepper.
27. Talked to a guy who lives in Argentina but works in Calgary.
28. Received 5 calls from Kristen. (She really loves me!)
29. Didn't win a thing from the drawings at the convention. Shocking.
30. Kissed Jeremy good night!

Wow, that was a lot harder than I thought it would be! I'm so grateful for all that I have and who I am!


Juliann Peacock said...

Sounds like a pretty good and hilarious day!! Love the random lady screeching about beer...seriously...

The Munk Family said...

What a fun day. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

The Dangerfield Family said...

Hey- yeh, so I was one of the friends who failed to call. But I have been thinking about you! Happy super late birthday! -Erin