Tuesday, January 6, 2009

13-0 Baby!

We were so lucky to go to New Orleans to see the Utes play in the Sugar Bowl. It was a long journey...driving to Las Vegas on New Years Eve and then flying to Houston and then New Orleans on New Years Day. Here's a few of the things we experienced while we were there.

  • Saw the mighty Mississippi & got our shoes shinned by a guy named Dan the Shoe Shine Man.

  • Ate really good oysters on the half shell.

  • Got ID'd at Harrah's Casino. They didn't believe I was 29 and Jeremy is 31.

  • Saw TONS of Alabama fans. They had lots to say before the game and not very much after.

  • Visited a planation and as luck would have it it was POURING rain so we bought some ponchos and it promptly stopped raining.

  • Visited the French Quarter and ate beignets (french doughnuts).

  • Made a one time drive down Bourbon Street...no wonder New Orleans flooded!

  • Listened to Jazz.

  • Visited a cemetery where all the plots/tombs are above ground because of the water table...weird!


The energy at the game was amazing and it was awesome seeing the 71,000 Alabama fans just sit there while the 14,000 Utah fans yelled and cheered! What a way to end the season! Go UTES!


Shanna said...

you know i hate the utes! but that was an exciting game! It was so fun to watch them represent our little utah.

The Dangerfield Family said...

I'm so jealous you guys got to go to that! How fun! Shane was freaking out while we watched it on tv. Go Utes!

The Hoogland Family said...

YOU WERE THERE?! Here we were sitting in our basement watching it thinking..oh I wonder if Mary Ann and Jeremy are watching this...were you ever!!

The Munk Family said...

We aren't big sports people so I have to admit I didn't see the game. All that other stuff sounds like so much fun and yeah I wouldn't believe you were 29 either!