Friday, November 27, 2009

10 Random Things

As per Hilary's suggestion here is a list of 10 random things about me. Just remember that there is no judging on this site and those who do judge me from my list will be blackmailed. I know something secret about everyone.

1. I love to shave my legs. Not just having shaven legs but actually shaving them.

2. I'm addicted to crime shows. Not just CSI and stuff but shows with real stories about people, like American Justice and Cold Case Files.

3. Whenever I drive down Parley's Canyon I think of things I would do if my brakes went out and I was past the runaway truck ramp.

4. I hate grocery shopping.

5. Most of the time my left leg is 1/2 inch longer than my right. I wasn't born this way, it happens when my bones shift in my hip and my sciatic nerve acts up.

6. If I could have any calling in the church I would be the Primary Chorister.

7. I really don't like scrapbooking. I think it's overrated and I'm not very good at it.

8. I can type really fast and pretty accuratley.

9. I absolutley hate being late to things.

10. I use to eat snow with maple syrup on it when I was really little. My neighbor taught it to me. Gross.