Monday, August 16, 2010

Mary Ann & The Giant Squash

This year we decided to plant a garden. We had a small 8x8 spot in the very corner of our yard that I planted a few tomato plants, cucumbers, pepper and a few squash plants. After planting them I pretty much forgot about them and didn't fertilize, water very much or weed. After a few weeks I noticed that the squash was doing REALLY well despite my neglect. Well, by the middle of July the squash had literally taken over the garden and the surrounding area. It reminds me of Jack and the Bean Stalk! I had my mom come over to look at it and see if we could figure out what kind of squash I bought because it clearly isn't what I thought it was. My mom has had a garden her whole life and grew up on a farm so she is well aquainted with veggies. Well, I wasn't prepared for her amazement at the size of the squash plant. She said, "Oh, my goodness....what did you do?" That's just it. Nothing! Well after multiple people coming over and looking at it we decided I had planted 2 banana squash plants. Banana squash grow to usually 10-20 lbs but can get as big as 70 lbs! Ummm, ya. We will now refer to this summer as the summer of the squash.