Monday, September 19, 2011

Summer 2011

Here are some of the things that we did this summer: Bagpiping, stake girls camp, hot air ballooning with crazy client Tim, Courtney and Ted's wedding, trip to the Zoo with Tara and crew, Lake Powell with girlfriends and hubbies, the arrival of football season and consequently season Utes tickets, Call family reunion which we have now changed to Family Festivus, and many other not very exciting things. Below are pictures of just a few of those...
Me and Jeremy in Provo before our balloon flight
Fireworks with Emery
Lake Powell
Family Festivus

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


We've had a lot of questions about our adoption status lately and although we really appreciate the love and concern, it's kind of irritating. Now let me clarify. It's NOT because we hate answering but because the answer is the same as the last time everyone asked. I've decided that the Lord thinks I need to learn a little more patience. Why I don't know because I am the most patient person in the world! Okay, everyone can stop laughing now. So here's the update.

In December we had our in-home visit and everything went well. At that point we were just waiting for our case worker to get everything typed up and approved. After being informed that we wouldn't be approved till after the first of the year we sat back and enjoyed the holidays. The second week in January we were told that we would need to get new physicals since they expired the first part of January. Here's how that went...

I for one was super excited to be prodded and poked again since I haven't had that done enough in the last 5 years. Jeremy was a little less enthusiastic. After the required 15 phone calls to my doctors office we had our appointments. That day I went with trepidation and irritation to said doctors appointment and quickly realized that the P.A. I was seeing went to high school with me! She is a few years older but I know her sister. After a lengthy discussion as to why I was there, again, she did a few breathing checks, asked general questions about my health and then filled out the needed paperwork. I was ecstatic! No probing, prodding or general uneasiness. Before I left I told her thank you and told her that Jeremy would be coming in to see her the next day. This was the best possible result for having to have a physical again and told Jeremy my experience and that he had nothing to worry about. The next day Jeremy went to his appointment at 3:30 and I didn't hear from him until 5:30. I was confused. What could possibly be taking so long? Oh, don't worry, she not only gave him a COMPLETE physical again (including checking his toenails) but they then spent a solid hour squirting water in his ear to dislodge a small covering on his ear drum. When he told me all of this I laughed almost as hard as the day he went to work with two different shoes on and didn't realize it until I called him at 3:30 in the afternoon! Classic.

After all that we turned our new physical papers in and are waiting. It's crazy how "the first of the year" has turned into near March. There's not a whole lot we can do about it besides be patient and wait so that's what we are doing. Thanks for all your love and support! We really do appreciate it! Hopefully we'll have some good news in the next week or so but until then, we're waiting.....