Monday, November 22, 2010

I'm Still Here

It's been a crazy few months but Jeremy and I are still alive. As a little update Jeremy got put in as 1st counc. in the bishopric, I'm still the primary chorister, we went to Maui for our 5 year anniversary in October, we both still work alot and we're a couple of weeks away from having all of our adoption paperwork done and being up online. The last is probably the most exciting news as of late. I'll try to keep everyone more informed as things get rolling. Love you all!


remington and mindy said...

We love you and are so excited for you! Keep us updated :)

Shanna said...

oh my goodness...1st counelor! wow! i am so so excited for you guys to adopt! keep us updated k!!!

Juliann said...

Whoa!!!! A blog post from Mary Ann?! I about had a stroke just now!!